The idea to change some ideas.

The path you chose is not a different path. In the end, it is the experience that makes it different.

Yeh zindagi na milegi dobara! “ This life you won’t get it again! Aren’t these sentences very common in our lives? Anyone, but not everyone, can say this. People who say or talk about life, indeed, the coolness of life and the way to live are given the title of being called “cool.” We follow people who have done something which others haven’t. right! And then we also want to do something like them, or in a simple sentence, we start copying them blindly, or sometimes conciously. But the consequences will not be the same for everyone. Let us take an example. Two friends, Rajesh and Santosh, started to walk on a road Rajesh find the road full of potholes and find difficult to move on it ,Santosh discovered the same potholes but he began to notice the texture of potholes and began counting them and he found walking on the same road interesting.
.. Both of them don’t know the extreme end of the road. In the end, Santosh reached the place and found nothing, getting frustrated, and Rajesh, who half walked the road, still had faith that he would get something interesting in the end. If Santosh could have told Rajesh, then Rajesh wouldn’t have walked on the road . Finally, Rajesh reached the end and found Santosh very sad. He asked Santosh, “What did you get? You came earlier Santosh Said! Nothing, my friend. All I learned It is not good to follow the road of potholes in the hope of getting something interesting at the end. The road that takes you to happiness may not always be full of potholes. Choose your path wisely!
Rajesh then asked Santosh how he could tell if the path we chose was the right one. Santosh said there is no good or bad in the path we choose. It’s the after result once one reaches its end. Rajesh asked what If someone realises at the end of his life that he did not get the expected result, Santosh replies My friend Rajesh, “How do you know what you expect will be beneficial in the long term?” Your expectations vary with time. Rajesh said, “I am confused ! Santosh said you will find a certain thing interesting till you don’t discover something new from it. For example, when a wedding venue is decorated with flowers, it looks lovely, and when the same flowers are garlanded at the death box of the person, it will not look lovely. Why so? Did flowers lose their texture or colour? No, it’s the time which has put the flower in the place which has lost its loveliness. Rajesh asked, “Okay, tell me.” Santosh Should we stop loving or liking things and live without them? Santosh replies, “No my friend, you shouldn’t have to do that. Change the process of living, my friend Things change because we allow them to change. It is the same as it was earlier, like the flower, a building ,a river. Nothing, not even a river, loses its value over time. It is we humans who compare them with the past and future . If it changes its texture, then it is still the same Thing. It will remain the same flower, same river, and same mountain irrespective of the size and shape that it attains with time. Why can’t we see things the way they are and not compare them with the circumstances that time has thrown at us?
In the end, you will discover that everything is the same and that your expectations of them are preventing you from seeing the beauty of the things.
Now the path that we both came across is actually a normal path, but with the passage of time, it has some potholes, and now as time passes, the potholes will also be gone. And maybe we will find the same road free from potholes next time we come to walk. Rajesh “said,” Now I get your point. It’s our experiences that build our power to think differently. And experience changes with time, so we can never come to one conclusion, right? Santosh replies, “Yes, my friend.” See the world without judgement. See things as you have never seen them before . Well! Every day is the same, full of blessings. Enjoy the beauty of the day by not comparing it with the days gone by.

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The idea to change some ideas.

I chose you, not the other, but what the other has remains a mystery to me.

Which will you choose when the right tells you to go left and vice versa? It depends on what attracts you more. Random happenings come with some privy issues and impulses that are sometimes contrary to what already exists. There might be different aspects of one thing, but the one thing that is accepted in the end must have some historical figures related to us. I believed something, and now I have done some work and edited the past pictures. What is coming now is different from what existed once. Did I change the process? Or do I push my ideas so that the thing that happens should fit my guesses? Not at all! But the day passes by only murmuring and listening to unwitting thoughts. Let’s choose one path and go accordingly. But what is in the other one that I left? Well, maybe I’ll meet him on my way, or I’ll never know. I didn’t choose you because I wanted to choose what I really wanted, and, surprisingly, the one I chose is not a matter of regret.  


Bothersome thoughts.

The acerbity of the thought is that I don’t know them but they know me. It’s paradoxically true! I don’t know how.

Paradoxically, you exist in your mind only. When you exist somewhere that benefits the moment in which you believe to exist, you are said to exist. Life is intertwined with paradoxes. When you notice something odd in something that has been accepted by the ages, you associate it with some paradoxical truths. The leading moment in which I breathe in and out is just a mere phenomenon of the existing life I have. So true! What about the paradox associated with living? Is it necessary to carry it along till you live? The jurisprudence of the truth and the various time boundaries are only real for some reason. The reason may not be known to us, but certainly it exists in some domain. Apparently, the domain is missing from the ground, but subjugation of actions will help to change the outlook.

Breathing in and out by accepting the paradoxes will make you generous in the cultivation of new values and help to build a valued and structured group of promises.

Bothersome writing

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Bothersome thoughts.

Differently, different things are sharing the same land to prove their existence to be true.

The sublime words of overshadowed worldly things are inexplicably beautiful and push the uneven alignment of uncertain things onto the ground.

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The idea to change some ideas.

Reflections of every new experience and the correlation with the belief system are congruent with the mysterious odds of several happenings.

When was the first time you started yelling over the most filthy things? The moment you started entertaining unwanted chants in your mind, you were trapped. The thoughts in which one gets trapped create reflections that are not always accompanied by same emotions. 

The most famous and familiar thing among people is the belief system. The belief system is very profound when someone gets mastery of what they believe and finds it good to share with other people. The very first day that any random thought becomes popular, it murders all the other pre-existing beliefs that are not so popular but truly exist in their domain.That random thought contains so much fire that it illuminates everyone differently. So what actually happens when a thought spreads? Some people try to enlighten their minds by absorbing the energy of it, while other people annoyingly enjoy it and get trapped in unwanted tides of uncertainty and feel the ridiculous activity of their minds.

Whenever we feel something new, we get consciously more active and the thing will soon change the chemistry of our minds, which we don’t know. Actually, when one tries to ask why and what he feels in each experience, he may be touching some uncharted lands of reality. Being in the
domain in which you are living will take you 1 inch towards the importance of being. Reflections of beliefs shift in response to an unexpected welcome of truth. The thing you aspire is too far away from you, which you don’t know at this moment. You must understand the True reflections always informed by the silence of drowned words.

Fast moving things are always headed towards uncertainty, and when you keep things on a slow note, they will never pull you towards uncertainty.

Try to keep things on a slow note. It’s time to get deep down inside. The inner world is waiting for you to get real peace. So why not give it a chance when you are alive at this moment?

Are you ready?

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The idea to change some ideas.

Reflections on the thoughtfulness of the patterns that are moving beyond the differences.

To reflect on the great art of yours, you need to make yourself comfortable enough to mellow your experiences without expecting a lot from others.

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Bothersome thoughts.

The two different things attached to ego. Is it bad or good? The act of proving it good is a difficult task. So am I waiting to prove it wrong? Certainly not. Then what is the meaning of the existence of an ego? Why is he with us?

I am best at dominating myself no matter what the consequences are, but no one gets in trouble for sure, except the ego. The ego will never let me put myself down, so he is going to get hurt by the act of not pushing myself against the mysterious odds.

Whoever obeys the commands of the ego is on the path of half-bliss.Ego can sometimes help a person accept that others are inferior to him and accept that he is superior. Wait! But for how long? The power to rule never lasts forever.It changes and certainly has time boundaries.

Complete bliss is forbidden in the drama of making one superior on the verge of bringing others down. The beliefs of the past tell us that no one can overrule time. This quantity can win the game in seconds. So who is enjoying the actual power? I don’t know. But definitely not humans. People say they are enjoying real bliss, sadly they are not.

Who is superior?
Who is powerful?
Who is responsible for all the good and bad happenings?
Let’s find out this in silence .


Good night!

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Bothersome thoughts.

A random thought of this morning uncovers the parallelism in the different truths I’d believed different in past.

The truth of living is in the essence of living. Is the day living me, or am I living the day?The situation is actually complicated. The ability to see past events and place too much hope in the future prevents you from enjoying the fruits of the present.

There is something inside you that is telling you to love everything, enjoy every moment and pursue your deepest desire, which you have never done. The question I woke up with this morning is: why can’t I enjoy myself? Why do I need people around me to care for myself? Everything you are watching around you will surely die with time.

For some people, the world is not a happy place. For some, it is heaven. Ask yourself, “Is there anyone listening to what you think about them?” Most people will deny the actual truth, but the truth is that things are changing in subtle reactions to time. What you are looking at outside is actually inside you. 

The light is everywhere, but your visibility is so dim that you cannot see them. Don’t get serious. We find something real just because the emotions attached to them are powerful.

There is a time when emotions make us fools and trap us in unknown wonders of thoughts that also disappear after a time. The set of different emotions that we feel at different times leads us to feeling miserable for a moment.

Do one thing: sit by yourself and think about your existence. How did you come here and why did you come here in this world? Are you for real? If not, then what about your feelings towards the people who care about you? Is there any connection between you and this world? Try to find it without seeing it on a spiritual level.

what do a random human being want to know about himself? Let’s see how far he can go. Oh, I forgot, the man is me only.

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Bothersome thoughts.

The emotions evoked by different things are inexplicable.Do I need to worry about them?

The emotions attached to all the random happenings never remain constant, so why did I treat them as real for such a long time? The pictures of emotions are very traumatic for some people, and for others, they turn into beautiful memories.

But what about its original existence? Does it have some kind of beginning? What if I treat them for real? What if I looked for some patterns in different pictures of emotions? Will it give me something inconspicuous?  

The idea of watching something without any feelings is very interesting as it will not hit you hard and you can easily cross over the thoughts attached to it. Could I find my peace after doing this? Perhaps, This question brings anxiety to me for a moment, but I’ll try it out for sure. I am not obsessed with peace, but why do I bother for the things that I don’t want to feel? Why do I keep looking at things that are already unruly?  

The idea of seeing the new differences in different things is all I am looking at, but the pace at which things are changing is remarkable. It is difficult to synchronise myself with them.

  I get lost in the thoughts that change constantly. Everything is changing, but I can’t see any major changes in my surroundings. Why?   

Finding the answer is not easy for me now.

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Bothersome thoughts.

The idea of being silent is to feel the silence for a moment.

The beauty of silence is that it doesn’t show its existence but eventually tells its presence at the very right moment when all utterance is silent.

Silence is behind every happening before and after.Today it’s arduous for people to understand ,Indeed it’s not. There is a hustle of activity going on. Where to look for silence? Do we really need to calm ourselves when we know it can’t happen for too long?

Don’t go to look for it outside; it’s in you from the very beginning of the universe. The light of silence will become visible when you start to fool your mind.

More things need to be covered in this. I just read my mind and wrote whatever I was thinking at the time.

Good night.

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Bothersome thoughts.

Are you talking to me? I am not able to decipher what you want.

We are not the same; indeed, we don’t share the same identity. Why are we counting the coincidence of meeting? Do you think we will see each other again? I am sorry. Let’s say goodbye to each other.   Hey, are you all set to move forward? I am not sure, but this time I’ll not barge in. It’s time to get over conflicts and discuss some untouched realities that share two different lands. The idea of bringing conversation with you is to put a stop to unwanted desires of an unprecedented level of dreams.Let’s bring peace to the unwanted tides of inshore thoughts. It is very difficult to absorb all at once, but it is strange to avoid it for too long. Things that have yet to be noticed and are being ignored for an indefinite period of time. Is it better to put your vibes up to get some new experiences?

What will you bring: rivalry or compliance?

Time to take a break  

Bye, good night.    

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Bothersome thoughts.

Am I running towards declaring counterfeit things true? I don’t know.

Why not put your vibes on low for some days? When things are not happening according to plan, it’s best not to think much about it. Is this a motivator? It could be for you, but I am not here to motivate you guys.

Motivation only sucks when it comes from outside. The only thing that keeps changing is my thoughts. Indeed, it will be as the mind is programmed to create reflections of words into images.The mind wants to control things according to the programmed realities. A part of today will not be the same in the future, so why am I worried about them? But what about this reality? They are only hypothetical.

What am I doing here? When I know nothing about things happening to me, everything is random or follows some pattern that I am not able to figure out.

All these happenings are random for me now, until I don’t find any real patterns.

I am the only one who can help myself to know the answers that are hidden under the shadow of sham reality.

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The idea to change some ideas.

Do I live in a material world? Is it possible to bring this question down?

The part of living is to keep questioning yourself, indeed, for living and exploring new experiences. What if I ask to stop receiving questions from the brain? I cannot because the mind always speaks and it never stops unless one attains nirvana, but to achieve absolute bliss is very rarely possible.

Am I here to achieve absolute bliss? If this is real, why isn’t everyone giving it importance?

I think people get the things they seek. When someone is looking only for materialistic things, they cannot achieve absolute bliss. Right! 

But this world itself is material, so it’s natural to seek material things. People live with material things and die with them in the end. So what to do? Shall l go to the Himalayas to attain peace? No. The Peace is right here when you feel yourself and are not living over your body’s needs.

Seeing yourself as different from your body will tell you the existence of different species. Without a doubt!Peace will hit you for sure when you try to ask, “Who am I?”

The answer will come right from your inner consciousness. You are not material, nor does this body belong to you. This world is not yours. Everything is reaching towards the end. 

Nothingness is the only word one needs to understand. Everything is temporary indeed. Every entity is time-dependent. Time keeps changing, and so do material things. 

We are so enamoured with material things that we are unable to think for ourselves by distancing us from them.

We can attain peace only by abandoning material things. Is it true? Absolutely not.

So, what should you do?Let’s be more conscious of our questions.

I will definitely answer all your questions and will keep posting new things on this topic. I’d be happy to answer your questions.

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Bothersome thoughts.

An unknown tide of thought is what I am feeling this evening. 

The heights of achieving some peaks seem to be at their most difficult, only requiring diehard energy and dedication to get it done. I am the one who has this much energy to pull you back to me. I don’t know how much force I need to do this. I am hoping to see you one day. I don’t know when, but some day for sure.

The intensity is getting stronger as the day passes. But as this day passes, I wish that the next day my intensity would remain the same. A long awaited time to look at me and test my patience in the belief that it will destroy my abundance of hope.

Every day I believe no one can bring me down. I am coming closer to you every day. I am not looking back. Whatever is coming to me, I am ready to welcome it.

I’ve kept you alive in every dream so that one day we can live it.

For once, pay attention to what I’m saying.

I have made you my destiny.

I have made you my uttermost peace.

I have made you my habit.

I’ve defied all odds for you, taking all kinds of detours to get to you on a one-way street.

I have made you my heart.

I have made you the precious knot of the thread of love.

I have made you my intense luck.

But today,

Allow me to create water handwriting for you.

Let me grant you all the desires of my heart.

Let me make you all the decorations of my heart.

Let me make you my luck forever.


Bothersome thoughts.

The last talk of today .Sorry! I am tired.

The thought of the day is to live all the past memories again. You gave me new memories, and now you are a memory of your own.Why?   The dreams are still waiting and interested in meeting you. All I want to do is live in you for a moment and bliss up with some meaningful thoughts. The moment I am waiting for is to make peace with the uneven decorum of the surroundings. The branch of thoughts belongs to you and will go in vain if it doesn’t settle fast. I can hear your smallest utterances without coming close to you. But this time, you have to speak!   Silence for a moment. Okay! I will meet you again to get the answer.



Bothersome thoughts.

You know what! I am in debt of past trail.

Everything I wanted was to improve my being in a more sophisticated way. No one is currently available to meet the new horizon of beginning. The sudden outflow of words finds its end in the hush of the new address.   The longer it notices the flow, the further it goes to give them peace. The new words have successfully replaced the old, but it’s still present in the amalgamation of different memories.   The thousand shades will not help you hide the truth until you come out of the dark and see the light following you. The truth is right behind you. Why can’t you see it?   Lose yourself in love with the new blue light!

  Goodbye, dear.


Bothersome thoughts.

A sudden outflow of feeling.

Emotions is attached with you not because you are precious but by the emptiness that belongs to your forgotten presence. When it’s dark the feeling get high and it starts to visible during light.
The new trail of light is following the vision of finding new patterns of feeling. But the old is gold. True! it was so pure and so peaceful. The peace attained when we come closer but the agony is it doesn’t stay it for long .
Neither of us is responsible for the dark shadow which has hushed the emptiness. Hey ! Are your days are better then yesterday ? What else has changed in the new parts of your life!
I am pestering the old feelings to make something new from it . I Will let you know soon.

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New version of my dream

The personified dreams end in me by itself. Waiting to pull you again.

Will you come again? Waiting to meet you again😔

The strings were never attached nevertheless it was only an enclosed encounter of thoughts .It was you who put thousand shades left grilled and then disappeared from the track.
Do I need to remind the new beginning? Let this distance hope to be at standstill till the new horizon blue hit us. Hey! Vishal let’s come and enjoy the silence of bliss!
What! are you their? Hey! How long it take you to come in existence .Vishal! I was in you, check yourself I am the dominating thought which comes in picture by the help of your personified dream!
Okay! What do you want to tell! I am listening . Thanks Vishal you allowed me to utter for a moment ! Vishal you are now free from me . The brink of light is waiting to enter with a lot of hopes. I am supposed to bring the new horizon in someone else life .
Listen! The dream you watch everyday will not end. I am leaving now, and someone else will take my place .This will continue till you are living so never forget to personify your dream .It will appear the way you want .
What if I asked you to stay with me. Don’t leave me . Please !
No Vishal! I have to go someone else is waiting for me. Don’t be sad ! The part of our dream is with me and I’ll never share this with anyone .
This is life and I am just the part of your personified view .The unfettered sky and the darkness of cloud is the only place belongs to me .
The new message has arrived I am leaving bye!
Hey ! Please don’t go. Shhhhh! Silence everywhere!
What should I do with this recklesss thought. In remorse! This is killing me .please go I don’t want to entertain you.
Don’t worry Vishal! I am here I ‘ll help you out by sharing new colours of thoughts which I have .
Hey ! But who are you ? I am your personified dream.Hey you are the new version of my dream. Right!
Keep quiet! Sleep.
Alarm ringing! Wake up its 5.00 am
Oh ! Let me talk to you now .why my eyes are still feeling sleepy .
After 5 minutes! How I am here I am supposed to be at some other place .oh! I was dreaming .
Okay! Now to talk with you I have to sleep again.
Waiting for night!

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Bothersome thoughts.

Do you feel the same which I do?

The past that we shared may not be profoundly good. The present is not for us. What about the future? Do we have something that can bring us together again? Is there any string attached between us? The plethora of movement and the silent shade of blue are still available for new beginnings.

The idea of becoming more intense in the gel of the two of us will remain unfulfilled.The bottom line is that, indeed, the past screen is blowing to be motivated and has been looking for your approval. Will you be able to do this?

Let’s not play! Let’s bring things to a clearer and considerably better note. I am not looking back. I have had you in me for years.

The time has come for the two connections to be reconnected in such a way that the best moment is captured in the end.


Bothersome writing.


A Reflection, indeed an independent pens composition

The feeling of few cavernous counts, indeed a deep breath.
The first time of reading the books , indeed a new beginning.
The end of first trajectory of things , indeed covering all one to end.
The smile of writing pit in a table , indeed a independent index
The foremost weather of the day, indeed blue in colour
The ideal relation meaning , indeed does exist on few platoons.
The world of upbringing in the moment, indeed upheaval of thoughts.
The end lies to be in the process, indeed covering the all new addresses .
The kindness of world, indeed a deputy of time.
The idea to change, indeed never do on the price of living.
The indefinite period of writing, indeed on the manifesto to begin.

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