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A mind full of illusions

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A random thought of this morning uncovers the parallelism in the different truths I’d believed different in past.

The truth of living is in the essence of living. Is the day living me, or am I living the day?The situation is actually complicated. The ability to see past events and place too much hope in the future prevents you from enjoying the fruits of the present.

There is something inside you that is telling you to love everything, enjoy every moment and pursue your deepest desire, which you have never done. The question I woke up with this morning is: why can’t I enjoy myself? Why do I need people around me to care for myself? Everything you are watching around you will surely die with time.

For some people, the world is not a happy place. For some, it is heaven. Ask yourself, “Is there anyone listening to what you think about them?” Most people will deny the actual truth, but the truth is that things are changing in subtle reactions to time. What you are looking at outside is actually inside you. 

The light is everywhere, but your visibility is so dim that you cannot see them. Don’t get serious. We find something real just because the emotions attached to them are powerful.

There is a time when emotions make us fools and trap us in unknown wonders of thoughts that also disappear after a time. The set of different emotions that we feel at different times leads us to feeling miserable for a moment.

Do one thing: sit by yourself and think about your existence. How did you come here and why did you come here in this world? Are you for real? If not, then what about your feelings towards the people who care about you? Is there any connection between you and this world? Try to find it without seeing it on a spiritual level.

what do a random human being want to know about himself? Let’s see how far he can go. Oh, I forgot, the man is me only.

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12 responses to “A random thought of this morning uncovers the parallelism in the different truths I’d believed different in past.”

  1. Beautifully penned, I’ve written something similar will post in some time.

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    1. Waiting to read your post Tanya 🙂.

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      1. I’ll post it tomorrow 🙂

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  2. I love the simple question: “What is this?” The more I ask the more clarity rises. For me, I don’t experience anyone existing in a steady state or emotional attachment. Reaction and responses are contingent on environment and rise from the entire bio/psycho/social/emotive/spiritual experience.
    Happy events rise, sad events rise, and my dedication is to be present to experience them. Great post, my friend.

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    1. Maybe I am trying to experience them in a different manner, like trying to be more conscious at the time when emotions are on peak so they don’t create unwanted tides in me. When everything is OK in its own domain, then what is the need to remind myself that they are not real? Let it be. I am just an observer, and there is no harm in observing things without judging them.


  3. That’s a wonderful thing to be able to do, observe without judgement. For me, judgements rise, I pay them no attention, thoughts are not real, only about what’s real. Fascinating. Thanks for the response, my friend.

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    1. Yes, you are right! Every thought gets settled on its own. There is no need to take them with you always.

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  4. things of heaven
    where bread is eternally unleaven

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