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A mind full of illusions

More to express more to grow.

The acerbity of the thought is that I don’t know them but they know me. It’s paradoxically true! I don’t know how.

Paradoxically, you exist in your mind only. When you exist somewhere that benefits the moment in which you believe to exist, you are said to exist. Life is intertwined with paradoxes. When you notice something odd in something that has been accepted by the ages, you associate it with some paradoxical truths. The leading moment in which I breathe in and out is just a mere phenomenon of the existing life I have. So true! What about the paradox associated with living? Is it necessary to carry it along till you live? The jurisprudence of the truth and the various time boundaries are only real for some reason. The reason may not be known to us, but certainly it exists in some domain. Apparently, the domain is missing from the ground, but subjugation of actions will help to change the outlook.

Breathing in and out by accepting the paradoxes will make you generous in the cultivation of new values and help to build a valued and structured group of promises.

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