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A mind full of illusions

More to express more to grow.

Are you talking to me? I am not able to decipher what you want.

We are not the same; indeed, we don’t share the same identity. Why are we counting the coincidence of meeting? Do you think we will see each other again? I am sorry. Let’s say goodbye to each other.   Hey, are you all set to move forward? I am not sure, but this time I’ll not barge in. It’s time to get over conflicts and discuss some untouched realities that share two different lands. The idea of bringing conversation with you is to put a stop to unwanted desires of an unprecedented level of dreams.Let’s bring peace to the unwanted tides of inshore thoughts. It is very difficult to absorb all at once, but it is strange to avoid it for too long. Things that have yet to be noticed and are being ignored for an indefinite period of time. Is it better to put your vibes up to get some new experiences?

What will you bring: rivalry or compliance?

Time to take a break  

Bye, good night.    

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    interesting risks in communicating, eh ?

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