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A mind full of illusions

More to express more to grow.

You know what! I am in debt of past trail.

Everything I wanted was to improve my being in a more sophisticated way. No one is currently available to meet the new horizon of beginning. The sudden outflow of words finds its end in the hush of the new address.   The longer it notices the flow, the further it goes to give them peace. The new words have successfully replaced the old, but it’s still present in the amalgamation of different memories.   The thousand shades will not help you hide the truth until you come out of the dark and see the light following you. The truth is right behind you. Why can’t you see it?   Lose yourself in love with the new blue light!

  Goodbye, dear.



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9 responses to “You know what! I am in debt of past trail.”

  1. This is ambiguous! Care to explaine?


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    1. An unusual feeling filled in my mind I pondered it and penned it down.


  2. were that to occur to me
    see neither would i be you either

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    1. This is all happening in my mind! Two characters playing random! .


      1. heart over mind. one seeks the other is cold blue sober steel no matter how we think we feel.

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      2. Yeah it feels so real that I am living it !.but it’s not.Althought, I think my mind is engaged in different colours of thoughts.


  3. Well written loved to read it! ☺😀

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