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The path you chose is not a different path. In the end, it is the experience that makes it different.

Yeh zindagi na milegi dobara! “ This life you won’t get it again! Aren’t these sentences very common in our lives? Anyone, but not everyone, can say this. People who say or talk about life, indeed, the coolness of life and the way to live are given the title of being called “cool.” We follow people who have done something which others haven’t. right! And then we also want to do something like them, or in a simple sentence, we start copying them blindly, or sometimes conciously. But the consequences will not be the same for everyone. Let us take an example. Two friends, Rajesh and Santosh, started to walk on a road Rajesh find the road full of potholes and find difficult to move on it ,Santosh discovered the same potholes but he began to notice the texture of potholes and began counting them and he found walking on the same road interesting.
.. Both of them don’t know the extreme end of the road. In the end, Santosh reached the place and found nothing, getting frustrated, and Rajesh, who half walked the road, still had faith that he would get something interesting in the end. If Santosh could have told Rajesh, then Rajesh wouldn’t have walked on the road . Finally, Rajesh reached the end and found Santosh very sad. He asked Santosh, “What did you get? You came earlier Santosh Said! Nothing, my friend. All I learned It is not good to follow the road of potholes in the hope of getting something interesting at the end. The road that takes you to happiness may not always be full of potholes. Choose your path wisely!
Rajesh then asked Santosh how he could tell if the path we chose was the right one. Santosh said there is no good or bad in the path we choose. It’s the after result once one reaches its end. Rajesh asked what If someone realises at the end of his life that he did not get the expected result, Santosh replies My friend Rajesh, “How do you know what you expect will be beneficial in the long term?” Your expectations vary with time. Rajesh said, “I am confused ! Santosh said you will find a certain thing interesting till you don’t discover something new from it. For example, when a wedding venue is decorated with flowers, it looks lovely, and when the same flowers are garlanded at the death box of the person, it will not look lovely. Why so? Did flowers lose their texture or colour? No, it’s the time which has put the flower in the place which has lost its loveliness. Rajesh asked, “Okay, tell me.” Santosh Should we stop loving or liking things and live without them? Santosh replies, “No my friend, you shouldn’t have to do that. Change the process of living, my friend Things change because we allow them to change. It is the same as it was earlier, like the flower, a building ,a river. Nothing, not even a river, loses its value over time. It is we humans who compare them with the past and future . If it changes its texture, then it is still the same Thing. It will remain the same flower, same river, and same mountain irrespective of the size and shape that it attains with time. Why can’t we see things the way they are and not compare them with the circumstances that time has thrown at us?
In the end, you will discover that everything is the same and that your expectations of them are preventing you from seeing the beauty of the things.
Now the path that we both came across is actually a normal path, but with the passage of time, it has some potholes, and now as time passes, the potholes will also be gone. And maybe we will find the same road free from potholes next time we come to walk. Rajesh “said,” Now I get your point. It’s our experiences that build our power to think differently. And experience changes with time, so we can never come to one conclusion, right? Santosh replies, “Yes, my friend.” See the world without judgement. See things as you have never seen them before . Well! Every day is the same, full of blessings. Enjoy the beauty of the day by not comparing it with the days gone by.

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One response to “The path you chose is not a different path. In the end, it is the experience that makes it different.”

  1. Exactly so. Seeing that life is indeed a verb and not a noun. Thanks for this.

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