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A mind full of illusions

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Do I live in a material world? Is it possible to bring this question down?

The part of living is to keep questioning yourself, indeed, for living and exploring new experiences. What if I ask to stop receiving questions from the brain? I cannot because the mind always speaks and it never stops unless one attains nirvana, but to achieve absolute bliss is very rarely possible.

Am I here to achieve absolute bliss? If this is real, why isn’t everyone giving it importance?

I think people get the things they seek. When someone is looking only for materialistic things, they cannot achieve absolute bliss. Right! 

But this world itself is material, so it’s natural to seek material things. People live with material things and die with them in the end. So what to do? Shall l go to the Himalayas to attain peace? No. The Peace is right here when you feel yourself and are not living over your body’s needs.

Seeing yourself as different from your body will tell you the existence of different species. Without a doubt!Peace will hit you for sure when you try to ask, “Who am I?”

The answer will come right from your inner consciousness. You are not material, nor does this body belong to you. This world is not yours. Everything is reaching towards the end. 

Nothingness is the only word one needs to understand. Everything is temporary indeed. Every entity is time-dependent. Time keeps changing, and so do material things. 

We are so enamoured with material things that we are unable to think for ourselves by distancing us from them.

We can attain peace only by abandoning material things. Is it true? Absolutely not.

So, what should you do?Let’s be more conscious of our questions.

I will definitely answer all your questions and will keep posting new things on this topic. I’d be happy to answer your questions.

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16 responses to “Do I live in a material world? Is it possible to bring this question down?”

  1. you do but your home is hereafter whereever that maybe my brother.


    1. The home is actually temporary. It is just because I am just allowed to say this as the people want.


      1. some give em what they want . others instead invent and say hey see here and taunt.


      2. Do you want to say this is all random? This means that everything happens at random.


      3. it seems random. but we know that the world without interference from humanity is ordered.


      4. Humanity is made by human may be if we called by some other species then also our interference would exists! Here the question is not about existence it is just we are over obsessed with the word “human”.May be we should give emphasis to our inner conscious thought which aware us that we are not only the human body.


      5. heart and soul.. marie once proposed to me that there were persons in upper mongolia preceeding adam and eve in eden. some say God is an et. shocking!


      6. Yes this is what theory of evolution speak. We are an evolved species and so is our consciousness .This is why I am keeping my Focus over consciousness this is something which knows each and everything .So yes people says God made this all universe But who knows may be this universe made things according to need.


      7. well said. and as for want v need. well that s a nice can of worms.


      8. Could you please explain what did you write just now?


      9. that needs are just as such. a necesity. wants are vanity extra stuff.

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      10. Everything is associated with this body only. Wants vary from person to person, and needs are very specific and less than wants. Wants are always looked at as an option for peace and happiness, which is not. It is only an illusion of desire.


      11. perhaps but desire is a strong pull.


      12. Yes it is ! .But there are people’s who are not pulled by the desires.They know the thin line between wants and needs and live peacefully with what they have .


      13. it would be awsome to not be affected by desire.


  2. Yes. But to achieve this one need to keep a good look over the thoughts.If one get mastery over the thoughts he will not be disturbed by the unwanted desires.


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