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A mind full of illusions

More to express more to grow.

“A Thought” has now activated for longer than usual .

The past is settled in its own past, the future is uncertain and with full of anxiety .The Being in the moment stimulate all the thoughts, steal all the worries and eventually spark up the dopamine receptors. This is something I can actually feel true .But for how long? This is probably the moment which has abandon all the witlessness. All the supressing idea is leading to change its aspects after two years .The leading truth is now actually responding to the user and showing the real worth. The skepticisim have no place and the time is asking to see what it actually looks.

Blowing the thorough thought process ,that something is waiting!.

Bothersome writing.


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3 responses to ““A Thought” has now activated for longer than usual .”

  1. Gautama was to have said this, “It’s impossible to retain a past thought, to seize a future thought, and even to hold onto a present thought.” I find this statement truthful. In my experience much of my suffering rises if I believe I am consciously creating thought and am responsible for it. Thoughts rise from the subconscious and I receive them, they are not real nor do I need to attend to them all the time. Interesting post my friend.


    1. I am not saying to entertain the thought. The only possiblity of not getting thought may be when you die but who knows where you go after once you die.My point is when you have been still for a long time and do not considering anything from surrounding to be true. Then you can actually build the real time facing of sudden thoughts and which in end perfectly fit in your world. I have not highlighted anything but more often I was wondering the trueness which I accepted to be the part of my living now.


      1. I agree, I can’t entertain a thought because I don’t consciously manufacture thoughts, they appear and are recieved. For me all thoughts fit. How could they not being choiceless.


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