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A mind full of illusions

More to express more to grow.

The only worth.

To bring you in me is not worth. To love you again is not worth.
To enjoy your presence is not worth.
To live with your choices is not worth.
To make you feel better is not worth.
To live you as my dream is not worth.
To think what is good for us is not worth.
The stigma of fear between us is not worth.
To see you tomorrow is not worth.
To hate you is not worth.
To bring our shadow together is not worth.
To respect you is the only worth.

This is the first time I have tried to write a poetry. Tell me how is it !


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12 responses to “The only worth.”

  1. Beautiful poem and thoughts are penned marvellously

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  2. Very thought-provoking Vishal. Well done! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’–πŸ‘πŸΌ

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  3. telugubloggersreenadh Avatar

    Wow , really amazing poem.
    Keeping rocking and enjoy your journey.

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    1. Thank you for reading !


  4. Beautifully written. Well done. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to yr next poem.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I have written the two more poem see my blog.


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