Am i really sleeping?. I’m in the loop.

I cannot live like this. How can i brought all those past memories again?. Sorry you can’t. The memories that you have lived will never come back. Okay! But I don’t want my life like this. Why? .Because I can’t live my whole life in the past memories. So what happened?. You can make memories everyday. No! My memories belongs to with specific peoples ,who are not with me right at present . So what I can do for you?. Please never fade out these memories .But you said you don’t want them. I’m confused. Okay! Do one thing just sleep properly And Forget all the talks that happened between us. Silence! Vishal wake up! It’s been 7.00 clock in morning and you are still sleeping. Please let me sleep I am still in memories.Eyes open! Oh fuck! Once again I got trapped in my dream. Now Again back to the same world. Please take me back in the memories again. Sorry! vishal you have to sleep again to feel the unusual dreams .wait for the night!.Oh! i am again talking with my brain.

Published by vishal mishra

I write, what i personally feel.I do not write ,what people want to see.

27 thoughts on “Am i really sleeping?. I’m in the loop.

  1. Saludos a la distancia amigo mío, es grato leerte y siento inherente a nuestra vida las vivencias y recuerdos que hoy nos forman en cuerpo y Alma, es muy interesante el enfoque y nos invita al análisis de quienes somos. Pura vida desde Costa Rica.

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  2. Like a dear friend advised: The past will bring you sorrow. The future will bring you anxiety. The only option is living IN THE PRESENT MOMENT! Go outside and feel the sunshine, or better yet, raindrops, on your face. That’s a good start. A day at a time. A moment at a time. I know you can do it! I believe in you!

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