Who is watching whom? Let’s find out.

Do you watch your thoughts or your thoughts watch you. Which is true? Hey! Both are true at a time. How this can be possible? Yes It depends on how well you’re observing them. Now whenever you are acquiring random thoughts. At this time you should be more aware of them and write down all those things you’re feeling . Also see and write which are the changes required. Simply eliminate those things which you don’t want in your dream. Once you are done with this try to dream all the things which you have written .So just keep editing your words and keep dreaming .One day you will going to feel that you and your thoughts both are Giving life to the dream which you are craving to live. But how it proves that your thoughts are watching you? A perfect observation will give you the answer just keep in touch with your thoughts of all time.

Published by vishal mishra

I write, what i personally feel.I do not write ,what people want to see.

22 thoughts on “Who is watching whom? Let’s find out.

  1. There are so many such paradox in life. I recently thought about one – if our choices define our character or if our character defines the choices we make. It’s something to ponder upon, but things work both ways, isn’t it?

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  2. My experience is that the Thoughtstream is a constant movement and there is not a separate place to “view” thoughts from except another thought. There is no “Me” viewing thoughts for who would that be outside a thought? What I experience as the self doesn’t consciously produce thoughts, the thoughts manifest from the interactions between, sense input, synapse interactions, and association. Interesting post. Thanks

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