A Negative feedback Loop System: Does the loop really exist in our brain?

Are you ready to take a challenge? I want you to make a list of all the things that you have done right today. Go ahead, pull out a blank piece of paper and start writing everything where you did and behaved as you wanted to.

After completing this now list the opposite.On the other side of the paper list of the things where you did not do what you asked to do and misbehaved times when you felt annoyed, upset or aggravated.

For those of you reluctant to take the extra step of actually making the list, I guarantee you that making this little effort will have greater impact and help your learning.

Our brain is a feedback loop system. In fact, it isn’t just the brain that is a feedback loop system .Every system and cell in our body is a feedback loop system. For the purpose of understanding life on a Grand level, let’s elaborate the implications of this loop.

The human brain is a negative feedback loop systems. This means that whenever there is a difference between what a person experiences in reality that is different from the ideal set-point established by this person’s brain, an urge to behave to correct the situation is created by the brain. For example, you are sitting in a room whose temperature is at ideal set point, suddenly temperature dips below the ideal. Now, what you will do? very simple, you will take action to correct the situation and re-establish the environment to match the comfortable room temperature setpoint established earlier. So this all happens due to the signal generated by the brain gives you that what you want does not match what you are getting.

The important point to understand is that your brain is set up to notice what is wrong, to notice the exceptions, the mismatches, the painful areas that are out of order. It is the mismatch between what you want and what you are getting that creates the signal for you to take action.

Your brain does not notice when what you want matches what are you getting. You don’t pay attention to. Because there is no signal generated by your brain, you aren’t even aware of it.

There are exceptions. When you finally get what you want after being out of balance for an extended time, The relief of the match feels wonderful. Remember the joy and relief you have felt when you finally get food after starving for a long period of time? This match is a relief and is very much part of your awareness and gratitude.

But are you aware of the temperature in the room you are in right now? If you are too cold or too warm, then you probably are aware of it. But if you’re in a comfortable room, you haven’t even noticed the temperature. Your brain functions to bring you awareness and action to situations when there is a mismatch not when there is comfort, satisfaction, and a match.

At the very beginning of this writing, I asked you to list the delightful matches between what you wanted and what you were getting from your surrounding. I also asked you to list the mismatches that what you wanted from yourself was different from what you were getting. Which of these lists was easier for you to make? if you’re like most people, the mismatches were quicker and easier for you to identify than the matches. why? Because the biology of our brain is a negative feedback loop, giving us feedback and urging us to behave when we are not getting what we want.

with this powerful information, you can make dramatic changes. For the next week, start paying attention to all of the ways that life is working out for you.

Published by vishal mishra

I write, what i personally feel.I do not write ,what people want to see.

66 thoughts on “A Negative feedback Loop System: Does the loop really exist in our brain?

  1. “brain is set up to notice what is wrong, to notice the exceptions, the mismatches, the painful areas that are out of order” and accordingly it takes actions- So true. Thoughtful post. πŸ™‚

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      1. I am a home maker…. Recently started a Youtube channel…. So you can call me a Blogger and Vlogger…. And someone who is interested in doing what she likes…. πŸ€ͺ

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  2. How very true. When i used to speak to music pupils right after an exam it was always ALL they had done wrong they would list and of course they were convinced they had failed. I would say to them … what did you do right? Not one could every answer that.

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