Reality is an illusion: Everything is energy and reality is not what you really see.

Is this life real? Is everything in our life is an illusion? How do we know that we are not hallucinating it all?. Actually we can never prove that we’re not all hallucinating, or simply living in a computer simulation. But that doesn’t mean we believe that we are. ”How do we know that the stuff we see around us in the real stuff of which the universe is made? That’s the worry about the holographic principle, for example -Maybe the three -dimensional space we seem to live is in actually a projection of some underlying two-dimensional reality. Quantum physicists are discovering facts about the world that we would never have thought to be possible.

The scientific research that has taken place in the last few years are as significant to our understanding of reality as Copernicus’s outline of the solar system. The problem? Many of us simply do not understand quantum physics. And this all began roughly a hundred years ago, when physicists began challenging the assumption that the physical space and universe that see around us is actually ”real”.Scientists decided that to prove that reality was not, in fact, simply an illusion, they had to discover the ”point particle”, and this would be accomplished with innovations like the Large Hadron collider. This machine was initially built to smash particles into one another, and this is where they made the greatest discovery: THE PHYSICAL WORLD IS NOT AS PHYSICAL AS WE REALLY BELIEVE. Reality is an illusion as we see it and everything around us is just energy.

How reality is just energy? we think of the atom as an organized group of electrons and protons zooming around the neutron , but this figure is completely wrong. The particles that make up the atoms have no structure, or size, no weight or physical presence. They have no height, length, width or weight, and are nothing more than events in time. They have zero dimensions. Electrons also do not have a singular presence they are both a particle and a wave simultaneously, depending on how they are observed. They are never in a single location at a single moment, and instead exist in several moments at the same time. Scientists also discovered what is known as the ”superposition”.In which several particles aside from electrons can be proven to exist in multiple places at a single moment. What does all this mean?. It means that the more we discover about the subatomic world, the more we discover that we know nothing about the true nature of reality at all.

Many scientists have come to the Copenhagen interpretation as their conclusion for understanding reality. The Copenhagen Interpretation comes from the school of quantum mechanics, and it believes that reality does not exist without an observer to observe it. What gives us physicality if the smallest part of us have no physical characteristics? .As reality is nothing more than energy and the energy is conscious when consciousness is observing it. This can be difficult to understand. Think of it this way: since particles exist in several areas at the same time, they must respond to an observation by choosing to exist in a singular location, allowing the observer to have an image to observe. A growing number of researchers in this field believe that reality exists only because human consciousness wills it to exist, by interacting with energy that makes up the universe.

Another mind-blowing discovery in quantum physics is Entanglement. Entanglements, when pairs of particles have interacted, have affected the spin of the other particle.what’s strange is that once these two particles have become tangled with one another, they can never become untangled.

No matter how far apart they stretch from the other, the other, the spin of one particle will always affect the spin of the other. Researchers have observed this in living cells, communicating over far distances. In one famous experiment, researchers grew algae cells in a petri dish. They then separated these cells into two halves, taking one half to another laboratory. What they found was that no matter how much they separated the two dishes, a low voltage -current applied on one dish would always affects the cells in the other dish in the exact same way at the exact same moment.

How is this possible? Understanding this requires shifting the way we think of the universe. We can no longer think of the universe as a physical realm in which the things we observe and senses all that exists.

Instead, as famous physicist Sir Roger Penrose theorized, we must envision the universe as nothing but information. We must believe that the physical universe is just the product of an abstract universe, in which we all connected in an unobservable way. Information is simply embedded into the physical constructs of the physical states from the abstract realm, first theorized by the Greek philosopher, Plato.

As Erwin Schrodinger famously stated,” What we observe as material bodies and forces are nothing but shapes and variations in the structure of space. Simply put everything is nothing but energy.

As a human being, we are conditioned to hold onto culture, religion, tradition and politics even at the expense of our well being. From these elements our identity is shaped, and how this identity expresses itself is unique to each of us. Only time will tell if this identity is congruent with the essential self. In other words, illusions are learned and then passed on. Without knowing it, we live and express these distorted ideas, practices and patterns that influence our perceptions of reality. And then we point and say, “look that’s reality and in turn create our reality. But upon further exploration, we realize that our perception was the illusion all along not reality itself.

To summon the courage to question or challenges beliefs, assumptions and certainties ushers in a wiser and more mature perspective on reality. It takes experience to no longer mistake one for the other, and with time, life will reflect this distinction.

I believe there are certain questions and realizations you must come to terms with after learning this true state of reality .you could obsess over the implications indefinitely, but there are a few to start you off:

  • You have never touched anything , and you never will. The electrons that make up your atoms repulse against the electrons of other physical entities ,making it impossible for you to interact with other material at the subatomic level.
  • If we are not touching anything , then what is that we feel when we” touch”.
  • How is the world physical that make it have no dimensions?
  • How is anything real ,and what does real mean?
  • Is reality determined by physicality?.

Just recently we saw this distinction at play as Egypt and her people discarded their illusion of fear and powerlessness to reclaim their reality for freedom. People around the world are removing the veils at lightning speed –illusions be gone– it’s about time, don’t you think?

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I write, what i personally feel.I do not write ,what people want to see.

159 thoughts on “Reality is an illusion: Everything is energy and reality is not what you really see.

  1. Very interesting indeed.
    Do read my path-breaking articles with over 360000 views across 200 countries and counting. They are very relevant to our present situation:
Warm regards.

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  2. Well. Quite a long read. But some of the observations you talked about are really worth reading. And yes, most of the truth we know is actually just an interpretation, not the actual reality. For it’s not easy for an ordinary human brain to see and understand the reality behind the illusion. If we carefully read and analyse the theories of science, they have the power to change our concept about life and everything related. Nicely written. 🙂 Keep it up.

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    1. Well it’s all about how much you believe in quantum physiscs?.Infact no one can see reality behind illusion but for better understanding you must see everything is energy which is changing it’s from with time.Thanks for reading it! .

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  3. Thanks for the follow. Your blog looks interesting. I’m a firm believer in alternate dimensions. Are you familiar with the term murmuration? As in a murmuration of birds, a flock of birds undulating in inexplicable unison? I consider mankind a single bird in that flock, every other bird exists in an alternate dimension – each bird appears to ebb and flow with the flock, but each bird exists in its own dimensional reality. 🙂

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  4. Does the moon stop existing when we are not looking at it? Never mind for me it never existed.

    A good ready. I find a selection of interesting articles. Looking forward to read them. You touch upon my favorite subjects.

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  5. Great read! It makes you think about what is real and what is just an illusion. Sometimes I don’t want to let go of my illusions. Especially if it’s something that I learned years ago and grew quite used to thinking of it that way. Might be open-minded to do that but change can be difficult.

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  6. Waw.. was that’s so much of information..yeah…recently I listened to a talk on the same and I could relate to it..interesting presentation 👍🏻👍🏻..keep up the good work..all the best..thank you for stopping by and the follow..😊

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  7. Hello Vishal I have read things but nothing like what you have put forward. I now know more about atoms and sub-atomic life than one or two stories I have read before. Thanks for sharing with us !

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      1. I liked your post, please don’t think like that. I remember when I used to sit around and ponder these questions – it seems so very long ago and yet – it was yesterday.

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  8. It’s very true….everything is pure energy….quantum physics has made it happen that finally people can “see” this dimension of energy….very interesting post

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  9. According to Richard Feynman, who would know, basically nobody understands quantum physics. So, when you say “it all depends on whether you believe in quantum physics”, you may not be saying much. I certainly do not believe in it. Nor do I understand it. But the abstractions which I have heard about it for the past 50 years do not impress me, and also do not seem to offer much in the way of commentary about ‘reality’ to me. Further, the theoretical offspring it has led to, like M theory or string theory and multiverses seem to warrant zero percent of my time. I think Lee Smolin’s perspectives about the current state of Physics make alot more sense. And he, too, is someone who would know.

    Many things are strange about your recommendations. For example you state that touch is not real, because you think that matter is mostly, or entirely, energy/space manifestations and therefore nothing physical can ever come in contact with anything else physical, which does not exist (physically) anyway. Whew! Touch is a sensation, an inner sensory experience. So it has some physical aspect but cannot be fully described physically, since inner sensation is aphysical. Some materialists think this is nonsense, because everything must be physical, at base. But then the same materialsts will argue that physicality is not ‘real’ along the energy lines you have suggested. All of which leads nowhere. Whether or not touch is purely or partially or entirely not a physical phenomenon seems to have nothing to do with whether it is ‘real’ or not. Especially since you argue that nothing can be conventionally physical. So, why base ‘reality’ upon such a concept? Sensation is real, because we experience it. All inquiry must begin with consciousness. Sensations are one aspect of consciousnees, thus they form real phenomena. Investigating their degree of physicality is another matter… once one gets around to clearly defining physicality, which seems in dispute at the moment. 🙂

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    1. you don’t believe in quantum physics that is totally understood many people don’t believe , because it is a modern science and the scientist are clarifying things on mostly abstract level . your context is different for seeing the same thing May be i am wrong but right now I am studying quantum physics and in future i am going to give more clarity on it .

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      1. I know. It is clear you have enthusiasm for it. There is a subtle philosophical point I made, not sure you have gotten it yet. I do not believe it –because– I do not understand it. But I am also not at ground zero about it; in other words it is not a completely foreign topic to me. I have looked at it, and doubt it. The book by Lee Smolin,a prominent contemporary American theoretical physicist, is called “The Trouble With Physics” might give you some persepctive about ti, if this interests you. 🙂

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      2. Reality and falsehood are too different but too similar if study the so called quantum physics. By this knowledge we will not be able to get the zenith of reality rather we will find ourselves at depth with nothing and once again we have to start over and think that what is reality and falsehood.


  10. Thank you, Vishal for your visit and following. Thank you for bringing me to your site. It is lovely, your writing is so good. Am glad to be here and Quantum Physics is one of my favourite topics. Thank you.

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    1. Thank you for reading it! don’t think too much it is still an abstract feeling for many scientists, as quantum physics is still working on it ,and in future they will surely come with some wonderful explanations on this abstract topic. so keep exploring life and ensure not to take anything for real.

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  11. I know this is not really what you are saying but it is ironic that this morning I hung up some pictures I had of Salvador Dali’s work. I didn’t want to put it up on the wall just as a couple of pictures, as I’m not a teen anymore with posters and pictures all over my room. So instead I took some twine and the tiny paperclips and using that tacky stuff, I hung the pictures but then attached them to the twine so at first glance you may thing they are actually hanging on the line, but in truth the line is hanging on the pictures! I love illusion!

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  12. This was quite complex for me to understand in the first go. Just read it again.

    We understand and believe what has been discovered, and we’re never sure if that’s how things actually work. I’m haven’t read much about quantum physics but still it was an interesting article!

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  13. this post brings to mind the saying from the Course in Miracles that everything but love is an illusion. now love is hard to define and we project all kinds of things into and onto it it but as a force of both creation and destruction that recycles energy endlessly there must be something to this force, and as usual all energy may escape our attempts to define it in 3D I recently heard that all dimensions interpenetrate our own in quantum physics. I lack the expansive grasp of mind that could contain it all but this post resonates…

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    1. I like the way you put your thoughts on this. Quantum physics is a modern science it explains most of the things on abstract level only. so there are lot of explainations that is been given by modern scientists is still an amazing mystery .Hence no one knows what to choose and what to drop.

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  14. Great post! Since being a fan of Stephen Hawking books I love to read such posts… Model dependent realism.. We all see and perceive reality differently and actually play a part in altering it.. Keep writing, keep contemplating.. And keep giving us some wonderful insights!

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  15. Amazing. A true eye-opener! It is said that scientist proved using quantum theories that the universe is but energy. Lovely!

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  16. Well, I didn’t think I would spend time today reading a treatise on quantum physics, but your writing style made it very understandable and you raised great questions in an eloquently written post – which is one reason Thebeerchaser will now start following your blog and seeing what other interesting topics you cover. Thank you.

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  17. Whenever I read about quantum mechanics I am reminded of the story of the 3 blind men feeling parts of an elephant and trying to decide what kind of animal it was. Feeling different parts of the elephant they all came to different and contradictory conclusions. As far as reality is concerned, we simply don’t have all the information. Indeed, we may simply lack the processing power mentally to understand the cosmos. We evolved to survive in a three dimensional, time-bound landscape. How can we be expected to understand an 11 dimensional universe? It would be like expecting your dog to understand how a nuclear reactor works!

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    1. I don’t know why did you have given example to comment your view point most of the thing explain by quantum mechanics is only at abstract level who knows what is true will decide in future. I have written this blog so that people could see reality in an another way, may be what all i have written is shit but if you have some more understanding on this you are most welcome to write a blog on it and please tag me ,so that i can see your perception of seeing reality .Happy blogging!

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      1. You’ve done a good job and its an admirable desire to get people thinking more about the world around them. I’ve started following your blog to see where you go next!

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  18. I think reality is not the talk of the day.
    From person to person, from thought to thought people says reality differs,but actually we are not at all talking about it at this instance.Reality can’t be explained by such physics theories and all such stuff it can only be understand if we know ourselves by knowing about the “stupendous manual” and that to is quite difficult as we all are born as an object in this maya entity.


  19. Reality is not so complex that one has to understand it by quantum physics and all those stuff. It’s bitter truth is that we are not thinking about reality rather we are walking on the perception of people. As we all are the mere object of this vast entity titled by MAYA so to conquer this and know the reality at zenith we have to consider a “stupendous manual” of life.


  20. Reality is something that can’t be talked or discussed by quantum physics and those stuff which makes us to move in vain. By the knowledge which is gained from our inner realization ultimately leads us to the zenith of reality.


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