who all wants happiness for real? Does happiness only come with pleasures? Actually these questions are a little bit philosophical. I think many of us would say happiness come with pleasures. Let me ask you one question. Do you take pleasures every time to be happy? If yes then follow my post and if no then you are not asked to read it further. So what actually happiness is? I think it is a state of mind, More often it is a biological trait of our body to feel happy when good happens with us. What are the actual moments when you feel happy?. Actually there is a lot of time when someone feels happy. For example, a child feels happy when he gets good grades in exams. An employer feels happy about getting promoted by his company. The parent feels happy when their children become successful in their respective life. There is no end of writing such examples. Are this example signifies any pleasures attached to happiness. Then how come people say we need pleasures to feel good. See pleasures are only an experience which the body feels on a physical level, and it doesn’t last for long. Here you need to understand the chemistry of the brain. There are four primary chemicals in the brain that affect happiness; dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. By designing gamified experiences, you can increase your happiness level in the body. How these chemicals change the level of happiness? Actually for this one needs to understand the biochemistry of brain .i’m surely covering this in one of my upcoming posts. hence, the change in chemical levels decides the level of happiness in one’s body. Well, this level can resurface at any time, if you are taking pleasures to maintain the level of these chemicals in the body. As soon as pleasures go off the effect of chemicals becomes inactive and the body comes to its natural state. If you are depending on different pleasure to get the feeling of happiness then it might harm your natural level of the four chemicals as mentioned above. So how one can feel actual happiness ?.people can experience this with real activities happening in nature. It means people have to find something in his surrounding which boosts their natural feeling of happiness. For example feeding animals, dancing, singing, reading, travelling, writing etc. If someone has nothing to feel happy, then just meditate in peace. And, apart from happiness will it be okay to feel bad sometimes?.yes it is okay to feel bad sometime, as a feeling of good /bad is just a state of my mind. One must understand that he cannot make him feel happy every time as you are living in the materialistic world where emotions change in seconds. Do look over your emotions and feel not to worry On finding something wrong in your life. Just go with the flow whatever you experience. Now, do you really think you need any kind of pleasures to feel happy?. Real happiness doesn’t come from the outward world it comes from your inner soul. In general, your happiness should come from inside heart instead of fake pleasures that never makes you feel happy for long.

Published by vishal mishra

I write, what i personally feel.I do not write ,what people want to see.


  1. “Vishal, this little boy in the rain is socute and beautiful! πŸ˜πŸ¦‹β€πŸŒΊ
    Take care and stay safe and healthy! πŸ™‚
    Greetings from the wonderful Rhine-Highlands /.Germany……”


    1. Happiness is something natural .well it vary from person to person on what pleasures he /she is feeling it. According to me happiness is something which cannnot take off with time it is their in every human being from birth one needs to find the actual meaning of it.

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  2. I feel many use HAPPINESS too often. It is contentment with ourselves and the world surrounding us which matters most to me. Thanks for sharing so many amazing posts. Blessings to you and your family.

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  3. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I find that living in gratitude is a major contributor to happiness. No matter what happens in your life, there’s a lesson or something in it for you. Understand, learn, and move on to happiness.

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  4. Happiness is almost impossible to define. It means so many different things to people, depending on circumstances, and situation. A starving child can be happy to eat a bowl of rice, but a billionaire can only be happy with luxuries, cars, yachts, houses, and more money.
    Many thanks for following my blog.
    Best wishes from England, Pete.

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