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A mind full of illusions

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A talk resulted in the new beginning.

Today, as usual, I was sitting with myself and asking myself, “Do I need to change something?” Why am I not feeling good right now? What is wrong with me? Then I got informed by my intuition that what I have been thinking all these days isn’t true to the situation I am living in. I said okay! Tell me, am I depressed? “No!” says a deep, relieving voice. Your awareness is accruing every day. Feel good now.
Let me emancipate your worries, and instead of eloping from your current plan, let’s begin to feel the pace of life. You can stride, but what if you are unable to synchronise with it? This is quite freaky. Okay, I have to believe that some things are still not balanced and there are a lot more surprises to come in the near future.
Let’s hope that everything will settle down on its own, because this is the beginning of a peaceful pace of life.

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3 responses to “A talk resulted in the new beginning.”

  1. No matter what my perspective, life continues on it’s own course, unimpeded, complex, and uncontrollable by streaming thoughts. Great post, interesting.

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  2. Life goes on, that’s the best and the worst part! 🖤

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  3. In life never gets all things balanced. Very nice explained.

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