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A mind full of illusions

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I chose you, not the other, but what the other has remains a mystery to me.

Which will you choose when the right tells you to go left and vice versa? It depends on what attracts you more. Random happenings come with some privy issues and impulses that are sometimes contrary to what already exists. There might be different aspects of one thing, but the one thing that is accepted in the end must have some historical figures related to us. I believed something, and now I have done some work and edited the past pictures. What is coming now is different from what existed once. Did I change the process? Or do I push my ideas so that the thing that happens should fit my guesses? Not at all! But the day passes by only murmuring and listening to unwitting thoughts. Let’s choose one path and go accordingly. But what is in the other one that I left? Well, maybe I’ll meet him on my way, or I’ll never know. I didn’t choose you because I wanted to choose what I really wanted, and, surprisingly, the one I chose is not a matter of regret.  



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3 responses to “I chose you, not the other, but what the other has remains a mystery to me.”

  1. Vishal, it is so heartening when we know we made the right decisions! 🙂

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    1. Yes, it brings immense satisfaction and helps the soul to enjoy inner peace and happiness.


  2. I am a confused person when it comes to make a decision. But I feel that we should not stop when we make wrong ones. Correct it, change it or live with it…. It’s a long journey….

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