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A mind full of illusions

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Reflections of every new experience and the correlation with the belief system are congruent with the mysterious odds of several happenings.

When was the first time you started yelling over the most filthy things? The moment you started entertaining unwanted chants in your mind, you were trapped. The thoughts in which one gets trapped create reflections that are not always accompanied by same emotions. 

The most famous and familiar thing among people is the belief system. The belief system is very profound when someone gets mastery of what they believe and finds it good to share with other people. The very first day that any random thought becomes popular, it murders all the other pre-existing beliefs that are not so popular but truly exist in their domain.That random thought contains so much fire that it illuminates everyone differently. So what actually happens when a thought spreads? Some people try to enlighten their minds by absorbing the energy of it, while other people annoyingly enjoy it and get trapped in unwanted tides of uncertainty and feel the ridiculous activity of their minds.

Whenever we feel something new, we get consciously more active and the thing will soon change the chemistry of our minds, which we don’t know. Actually, when one tries to ask why and what he feels in each experience, he may be touching some uncharted lands of reality. Being in the
domain in which you are living will take you 1 inch towards the importance of being. Reflections of beliefs shift in response to an unexpected welcome of truth. The thing you aspire is too far away from you, which you don’t know at this moment. You must understand the True reflections always informed by the silence of drowned words.

Fast moving things are always headed towards uncertainty, and when you keep things on a slow note, they will never pull you towards uncertainty.

Try to keep things on a slow note. It’s time to get deep down inside. The inner world is waiting for you to get real peace. So why not give it a chance when you are alive at this moment?

Are you ready?

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5 responses to “Reflections of every new experience and the correlation with the belief system are congruent with the mysterious odds of several happenings.”

  1. Beliefs are stories about what we want to be true. As soon as there’s something different that supports the already in place conclusions I will move to a new “belief” and discard the old. How truthful or real could they possibly be.


    1. Certainly are not true, but the domain in which they exist is true .As the domain is time-dependent, things will not be the same when time passes.


      1. The domain in which they exist is “true.’ I’m not sure what that means exactly. Can you explain or describe Domain? What I’m reading is whatever the domain is, it too is subject to transience. So, I’m unsure of what point your response is pointing towards.
        Thanks for the response.


  2. As you said, something different that supports the already in place conclusions, I will move to a new belief. Actually, what you believed before must be in some time domain, and now when you get some different experience, you change your belief, so the new belief that you made will be true for some time domain. And what I am saying is that both domains are true. You cannot prove something wrong. Just because you have less evidence doesn’t mean it loses its value. Different experiences hit different groups of people with different momentum, which certainly helps them change their beliefs. It’s a natural process, but you cannot prove the experience untrue that you have had before and now.


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