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A mind full of illusions

More to express more to grow.

Horing on you or never believing on you.Waiting for all outcomes!

I am the believer I am the survival of the most unbelievable time. If I am not dreaming it is about the moment which give me momentum to celebrate the moment. Wish! It can show his presence again.

The idea of being realistic for the things is not visible due to the lack of origin. The origin is not traceable, and not good enough to believe it’s wonders. Either I believe or let it be ! possibility of getting new things will only be a delusion. All the missing information is intended solely on the turbulent themes. The digging holes from past is seeking my interest to give possible answers. All answers are susceptible to the change .I am not going anywhere .Believing everything happened for a reason. Hope! All the new beginning will find me one day.

The subtle equations is balancing by actual existence of identity. Let’s not go in the process. The process is quite ideal ,all I wish to be the part of it. I am happy you are actually waiting for the right time to prove the existence.

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6 responses to “Horing on you or never believing on you.Waiting for all outcomes!”

  1. Beautiful the way you penned your thoughts

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  2. Profound thoughts 🌟❤️

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    1. Thank you for reading!


  3. telugubloggersreenadh Avatar

    Great sharing

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