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A mind full of illusions

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The unusual feeling turns into exhilarating moment of certainty.

The light of the evening sparkling around few cavernous idea. A light full of band blue colour is happening to be bold and beautiful. All good almighty things associated with it is cherishing the presence of the moment. The colour was getting more intense before the thundering strikes and all of sudden the deep dark light get over the all blue. The moment of joy is now become the moment of silence .This is the mysterious belief of my thought that all is changed but what actually happened is the ignorance of the actual dark. The dark which is always behind the blue from the beginning of the universe. The colourful background always personified with the beauty of thoughts and the dark which is the actual presence has been ignored from the beginning of life.
Bothersome writing!


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10 responses to “The unusual feeling turns into exhilarating moment of certainty.”

  1. […] The unusual feeling turns into exhilarating moment of certainty. — A mind full of illusions […]

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  2. “Cherishing the presence of the moment.” That speaks volumes about what experiencing life outside of the stream of thought can provide when in attention to direct sensing. Thanks for sharing this.

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    1. Yes this the Beauty of thoughts things go topsy turvy in the moment and turns to lighting when see through subtle actions.

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  3. Ok I have no idea why, but reading this made me feel so calm and serene. Wonderful write ♥♥

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    1. Thank you for your kind words !

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      1. My pleasure ♥♥

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  4. Colors always speak a language of their own, I think. Here the beauty of blue magnifies the dark of the black. Beautiful.

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    1. Yes Shobana the real existence is hidden from past , just need a good perspective to see it.

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  5. Loved the way you penned. Words rolling with ease and living the moment we have. Commendable writings of yours.

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