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A mind full of illusions

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A new and a new of old? Finding some pattern to fit profile of thoughts.

The every new thing is turning to old in the every new second. So what is new and what is old? Everything offers subtle touch in the moment to feel the real it is. The real question is what we want to feel! .Does everything we feel is for real? This makes some sense when we start palming the moment in regards to see the actual existence of things .The togetherness of thoughts and the moment of silence brings some glimmer results and we start feeling. But what if it doesn’t happen ?Will it be right to take the things as it. Actually The limit of a moment is not visible due to its dichotomy. Even the silence brings different types of ideas but what we want to bring in picture is only we keep bumbling .Did I confused you what I am talking about? .The thing is very simple as whatever is new for us will not be new for everyone .And whatever we are seeing at first is not new things .There is a pattern which they are following from centuries.And because we don’t know the very beginning of things ,we cannot assure what we see is new .New things are just following old things pattern and this is a whole loop .To Identify the loop one should stop receiving all patterns what mind throws to you .Start picking everything as raw you just need to evolve your side in regards to find patterns which fits to the logic. This is not at all easy but keep moving the day will arrive when you reach the bottom line and live as a confused soul like me. Nothing is better than to be confuse when you know everyone has a theory to prove his part as real. So why don’t we put all things aside and start picking patterns.

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13 responses to “A new and a new of old? Finding some pattern to fit profile of thoughts.”

  1. Good one!❤️
    Looks like somebody’s back after a long break!


  2. Good one!❤️
    Looks like somebody’s back after a long break!

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  3. Ankit kaushal Avatar



  4. Please follow my blog also please please please 🙏


  5. Have you ever hard the expression, “Everything old is new again?” It happens all the time.


    1. I do not get your point .what is happening all the time has some patterns it cannot exist arbitrary.


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