Are you living with a purpose? Is living really needs a purpose?.

Why people are looking for a purpose ? Why we need a purpose to live? Is people having a purpose are only entitled to live ?.Making a purpose to live is like you’re defining some limits of yourself. There are no such limits that Our consciousness can be limited to work in a particular domain. Some peoples Do the same thing Several times and Then they become addicted .And very few ones do a lot of things and never trapped in a habit of doing again. Usually Very few peoples in the world try new things everyday and learn . What is new and what is old is only defined on personal level of experience .A person who is mastering himself in a certain domain is not only preserving his boundary but also making a wall of imprisonment .May be someday if he wants to break the wall, to gain some new experience , chances are their he will fail. Some people have misconception that intellect can only rise by learning new things or by gaining new experience. Is this this the motive of life? Where you will go by learning new things ,may be you become famous by writing Your experiences and people take your experiences as granted because this is all going In present time. I don’t know what is the thing that human’s are actually seeking for. Actually people are fooling themselves by taking New purpose to live after Fulfilling of old purpose. Human ‘s are defining so many purpose and if you ask them are they complete! No! They are not because actually for living one should not define a definite purpose.Becuase the essence of living is to live only.People should learn the art of choosing right thing in a time . As the importance of that thing will not be same after time passes. Preserve your energy and Just don’t involve yourself too much in any random thing.Also you’re not here to master anything .Why are you attaching the meaning with living .Do the thing which are important in a time. And if you don’t want to indulge yourself in any work then sit calmly and watch your surrounding without any reaction. Are you living with your choice or someone else choice?. Feel free to comment and ask Anything!.

Published by vishal mishra

I write, what i personally feel.I do not write ,what people want to see.

8 thoughts on “Are you living with a purpose? Is living really needs a purpose?.

  1. I just finished blogging about meaning. I think it’s connected to the idea of purpose and what gives purpose. I’m like a working class dog and respond well to having a purpose. Knowing that, I am always happy to apply meaning and purpose to my life and activities. Thanks for this. Lots to think about. Be well my friend.

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  2. Interesting post…..”Are you living with your choice or someone else choice?”…’s almost similar to, if one is living for ones own sake….to make oneself happy….inner joy….or living to satisfy others….living from the deep is pure love….love comes with pain as well….hope you’re getting my point ✨

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