Bothersome thoughts.

Me and My dream.

People says Questioning about things every time doesn’t make sense . Some things are need to be accepted as it feels. Hey! But these are the things which I cannot feel .So what! you have to pretend that you are feeling the same as others have felt. Okay! But how much you believe that it is real as you are seeing! Don’t worry! someone must have checked it while passing on. Who?. I don’t know .Find it by yourself. Fuck! All this shit is going inside me. Wake up this is awakening .No this is a dream. Oh! how?. Because I don’t want to act I know this will over. When? Find it by yourself. Okay finally! Wake up ! Vishal .I am your mind you are just dreaming.

By vishal mishra

I am writing to express my glitter thoughts which glimmer sometimes and take away the impact of goodness for real. The real reads is always invited to see the dichotomy between the similar words in the shade of my writings.

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Cool. Is the way you’ve described your dream. Meaning. I believe the dreams have deeper telling at both conscious & subconscious level. Thank you. For sharing this piece & by that, I mean dream.

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You have succeeded in capturing your dream experience in a way that seems very authentic. Your account is very relatable. Thank you for sharing your experience.

Were you asleep when you were dreaming? Sometimes I dream when semiconscious. When this happens, it seems like an endless shuffling of images and ideas in bizarre combinations. Some dreams incorporate external sounds, like TV playing in the background or the alarm clock going off. I think this enables us to go on sleeping in a noisy environment.

I have read that dreams are created from prior experiences and knowledge synthesized and resynthesized. I am not good at telling jokes, but I have created jokes in my dreams and waked up laughing. Dreams can inspire poems. My poem, “Regrets” is based on a dream. Sometimes I don’t recall any dream but wake with the solution to a problem that has been bothering me.

Sometimes I am able to go back to sleep and continue a pleasant dream. Other times I make the effort to stay awake in order not to continue a nightmare.

Pleasant dreams!

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