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why we do not have control over our thoughts? Does entertaining of thoughts leads to escaping reality!

This is the ultimate question that has puzzled mankind for as long as we became capable of thinking. Do the thoughts are totally yours?. What is the origin of your thoughts?. Most religions tried to answer these questions and it turned out to be reaching out to infinity. It is one of the most fundamental questions in neuroscience, How do humans think? The answer to all these questions exists in the theory of evolution of human thought. I am not here to discuss the whole theory as neuroscience has already explained it and anyone interested can find it on the internet. what exactly thought is? Thought maybe an idea, an image, a sound or even an emotional feeling that arises from the brain. Can we say a thought is made up of matter?. Actually Thoughts are nothing but a realignment of electrons in the neural network of your brain which is so-called as ‘electrical signals’. The brain uses the energy from the food you intake. So technically, thoughts are not matters, but manipulation of matters using that energy. we are aware of a tiny fraction of the thinking that goes in our minds, and we can control only a tiny part of our conscious thoughts. The vast majority of our thinking effort goes on subconsciously. Only one or two of these thoughts are likely to rift into consciousness at a time. Even deliberate decisions are not completely under our power. Our awareness only sets the start and the end of a goal but leaves the implementation of unconscious mental processes. we exert some power over our thoughts by directing our attention, like a spotlight to focus on something specific. Do we have complete control over our thoughts?.No we can’t control it? So what you can do when your mind gets disturbed by these?. Simply manifest your thoughts in reality. what to do if you get only negative thoughts?. Deal with them they are just thoughts don’t escape from it, where will you go by escaping from it? .The first thing you need to do if you want to put fear and negativity in their place is to become aware of the fact you are thinking and feeling negatively in the first place. This is because when we become more aware of something we have the power to change it!. The more you practice becoming the watcher of your thoughts and emotions, the more quickly you will able to catch and transform them. After you have become aware of the fact that you are thinking negatively, the second step is to recognize that you are feeling the way you are feeling because you are focused on what you don’t want. That’s right. whether you are aware of it or not, you are actually focusing on an outcome that you don’t desire and that’s why you are feeling fearful and crappy!. But this is a good thing. Because when you realize this you also have the power to change it. The more adept you can become at recognizing your negative thoughts when you’re manifesting, the quicker you can change your focus and the more good things you will manifest!. The third step is to ask yourself what is it that I do want instead?. The minute you ask yourself this question and start to formulate an answer in your mind you will begin to feel relief. Because what you have just done is, shift your focus from what you don’t want to what you do want. And immediately the fear and negative thoughts around your manifestations will begin to settle. Now that you know that what it is you want and the negativity have slipped away, the fourth step is to continue to focus on what you want!. There are a number of different ways you can do this, but my favourite is to spend time visualizing the desires. Because the more you feel like your desires are, the more you will change your frequency and draw what you want to you!. And that is how you graduate from Mediocre Manifestor to Mega Manifestor. So do you need any rituals for this?. No, you can do it on your own just follow the above steps and experience the change.

What will happen if we entertain our thoughts? Are we escaping reality while entertaining it? .No, we don’t.To entertain any thought means to have it in mind or under consideration. For example, you never thought of studying abroad, but after your friend said it was one of the most meaningful experiences of his life, you started to entertain the idea of living in a foreign country. So do you still think to entertain thoughts is really a bad thing? Aristotle said ‘It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it”.Why is this so difficult to do?. It is because people are following a belief system of different religions, culture’s and societies. why don’t people make their own belief system? Believe me, if you’re following other beliefs and principles you are not entertaining your thought it is someone else thought which is definitely going to disturb you in future for sure. You can make your own belief system . Just go in-depth of your thoughts and believe nothing feels like you are just observing it and absorbing nothing from it. Just go beyond everything don’t accept anything give the name to each and everything by your own belief which you have just made by breaking all blockages of your mind. After this, what all ideas come in your mind or whatever you interpret from the surrounding is all yours now the thoughts you’re getting is only yours. I can assure If you follow this your thoughts will never put you in problem and you can easily shut your mind off before you sleep. The next day is yours now decide what all you want from your life.

By vishal mishra

I am writing to express my glitter thoughts which glimmer sometimes and take away the impact of goodness for real. The real reads is always invited to see the dichotomy between the similar words in the shade of my writings.

58 replies on “why we do not have control over our thoughts? Does entertaining of thoughts leads to escaping reality!”

Yes. I truly agree. That our thoughts aren’t just ours. Our thoughts are amalgamation of our own understanding, the views of people we talk to and the general ideas we come across everyday. Also, you raised a very good question. Thoughts help us grow better, in fact having confused thoughts makes us dig deeper, and be more rational.

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Yes I am really agree we have not control on our thoughts .To analyze our through we really have understand what kind of thoughts come in mind it very tough to dealing with our thoughts.But in my views people who achieve their control on their throughts can able access their thoughts easily .Excellent presentation of thoughts in your blog.

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In Sankhya yoga (bhagwadgeet, chapter-2 , basically the darshan itself is of kapil acharya ) it is said in a very brief manner ! How to control the thought process and become one with the existence but to live in this world you do need to have a personality so that you can behave in a certain manner and in order to get that ,the basic thing is that you have to create your very own personality. Though I really appreciate the way you explained it through your very own way !

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Thank you mam i appreciate the way you opted to understand this thing.I don’t believe in any religion as well as what all yogi or sadguru wants to tell us or the mystics living in the other part of the world I just share things which I have experienced and what quantum physics explains .well I am thankful that you liked my writting.

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Problematic is the idea that there is an examination of thoughts from a separate position outside of thought. In my experience the Thought stream never stops and there is nowhere to self examine outside of it.Thinking about thinking is another thought by the system that examines itself. A loop.
The human brain runs through chemical and electrical interaction that moves so much faster than the language based speed at which we extract and notice an individual thought that there is no where for language based thought to examine it.
Thanks for this post. Fascinating.

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Do you think we have our own belief system right from the beginning? I guess it’s not possible. We get to know various opinions and thoughts of others, and obviously let them influence ours. If we accept, we add them to our beliefs. If not, we make our own changes. For me, it’s more about rationalisation of thoughts. What seemed wrong in the past may appear right now. Our belief system is also subject to change, isn’t it?

I loved Aristotle’s quote. It was more like you respect the thoughts and perspectives of others, but need not essentially accept them.

An intriguing post! Keep writing. ☺

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Deliberate thinking and musing does not amount to escaping reality. What causes us to escape reality, or in other words, the present moment, is neurotic and compulsive thinking that cloud our perception of what is here and now and keeps us from fully injecting ourselves into the present and fully enjoying it.
Most of the time we don’t deliberately run our mind, rather the mind runs us and thoughts just show up.
Nevertheless we do need to think and dig deep into our thoughts to find solutions and answers.
Striking a balance between productive thinking and compulsive thinking is not easy

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I agree ! Thank you for adding your thoughts here! I love to keep this conversation between us for long,and i will be much happy to see you commenting in my future posts. Again Thank you for giving your precious time to my blog.

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