we take love for granted, aren’t we? if we are bound to love each other then how the feeling of hate comes for someone?.love is the feeling which does not need any testimony. It is the feeling which is simply expressed by actions, not by words. If the feeling of love is real then how people get bored with each other when they are in love with each other at some point in time. The time has changed now we are living in the 21st century, where we need a scientific explanation of things happening around us which is not a bad thing. But do we need any scientific explanation to express our love for someone who is a part of this materialistic world?. I think many of us would say no, some exceptions are deeply respected. Is only humans can feel the love? no. Animals are also bound to love each other in fact all biological things have this trait from birth. Except some human all the other creature understand the feeling of love and truly respects it.we all are supposed to show our love towards everything present in this nature, are we doing it? well, it’s a little bit complicated question someone might get offended here. lets put it in a simple way do we pay gratitude towards things which are present in this nature, to the things which we are dependent directly or indirectly. Here comes the meaning of actual love, which is hidden for somewhat reason or people do not want to know about it.people are busy in taking pleasures and meeting their wants. They literally don’t care about what is the supreme engineering of nature. I think for most of us life is only about to fulfil the desires at any cost. I am not saying desires are bad without desires a human is nothing, but over fulfilling of desires leads to build an animal inside us. This animal blocks our mind and we are bound to fulfil only lust. The feeling of lust is very powerful among everyone that the only purpose of living is to meet their needs .lets take an example a child when born his /her needs are fulfilled by parents as the child grows up, and attains puberty he/she experience different hormonal changes in the body, and in his/her teenage age he/she looks for the opposite sex for friendship to experience the feeling of love. But wait which forced has pulled them to come close to each this love or lust? For some it is love and for some it is lust. There are many children who don’t give attention over this hormonal changes in their body, maybe it is due to parental pressure, society pressure or something else. At the age of 15 to 18 years, most of us had experienced this love which does not last for long. Again exceptions are here also. some people find their love in very early age .why this happens with someone but not for all?. Aren’t they lucky who find their love of life at a very early age? Most of us will find it luck or pure love or god’s grace. These are just words used by failed peoples actually everyone living in this materialistic world has equal opportunities. It is up to us how we absorb them. So loving someone is not a great thing but to actually understand the feeling is quite important and quite needful. love is a simple word which has been complicated by our is not a blessing from heaven stop living in such a hypothetical world that only some are blessed to get love. First thing is to change your views towards a feeling of can find love everywhere in this beautiful nature.No one can live without it. It is up to you how you take the things, learn the basic principle of love otherwise you are never going to experience real love. the first principle is to love everything who is a part of this nature. the second principle is never to expect anything in return. follow this and you are going to experience bliss. The true nature of humans is to give love and expect nothing in return. well if every one of us does this will going to experience a real feeling of love which comes from the inside heart and this love will last forever. Let’s not forget if you are willing to do good then good will also happen with you sooner or later. So try to change your view to be optimistic and show your real love to everyone. Do not pretend it show it for real.

Published by vishal mishra

I write, what i personally feel.I do not write ,what people want to see.


  1. Everything use to happen on right time actually and if at the of learning growing up we will start indulging in love and all….. which is the time of let our mind grow up, lets get matured we are busy in these kind of things at the age where frst of all we need to know ourself…..pls don’t mind.. but this is true… they are some few people whose love starts from teenage and live long last… they are few actually… lets frst get matured… achieve ur aim…then take someone’s responsibility….

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    1. see if we are feeling pain or love or joy,it is all because every thing consist of emotions.Infact every creature in this universe can feel it because they can feel life inside them.I agree you but something which is existing from the very beginning of earth cannot be fade away with time and because love is a powerful existing in this universe we all are bound to feel the effect of it.

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  2. Hello, Vishal,

    I trust that you and your family are all keeping well. It’s lovely to meet you here on wordpress.
    It’s unclear to me why I cannot follow you. Are you able to support in anyway with this?

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      1. Let me not disturb your peace. I have just been notified that I am already following you. So, please disregard the first comment. Your prompt response is appreciated. Do have a pleasant day and stay safe.

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  3. Love is a beautiful thing, it’s how you express it that matters. Although it may fade off with time, how you replace it’s fading is up to you, then you know if it’s worth renewing. Amazing piece!

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  4. Wonderful and instructive text! Congratulations! And this is the saying of our patriarch Paul: “Love is the highest virtue. Everything that a person shares with others decreases, except love. The more you give, the more you have.”

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